Using our specifically adapted vehicles
we can cater for all types of motorbikes and scooters, from tourers such as
Harley Davidson, sports bikes such as Ducati or even classics such as BSA
and Vellocettes. CLICK FOR A QUOTE

About Bike Movers Europe

Bike Movers Europe are a UK based professional and personal motorcycle transport company, providing a very reliable and courteous high standard of service to all of our clients trade or private. Dedicated to the safe transportation of your motorbike quad or scooter

We provide motorbike transport throughout the UK and Europe and we also crate and ship worldwide by road, sea or air.

We can transport from 1 to 30 motorbikes at a time in our specially adapted vehicles thus ensuring safe delivery of your motorbike(s). Our services are used by collectors and for track day enthusiasts aswell as trade and private buyers and we
also arrange delivery and collection to any foreign destination for bikers wishing to holiday abroad.

Our vehicles are manned at all times and are fully insured throughout the motorcycle transportation process.

Bikemovers Europe offers a cost effective and unrivalled standard of service as we are bikers ourselves therefore we
understand the value you place on your motorcycles and handle them with care and attention they deserve.

Our service includes eastern European countries including:- Bulgaria,Croatia,Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Russia.

Motorcycle finding service ; Through our trade and private contact database we can help find your next motorbike.
Bikemovers Europe can also deliver your Bikes/Cycles using our specially constructed individual racking system.  
We can accomodate up to 20 cycles at a time.

All our vehicles are kitted out for motorcycle transportation with 9ft loading ramps or tailifts and either wheel chocks or cradles
are used for stabilising during transport. We are covered by 50k worth of GIT insurance per vehicle and public liaility of 2 million details of which are available
to view at any time. Insurance for sea and air transport can be arranged to cover loss or damage during transit,please ask for details when placing an online quote.